How to Seal Knots on Lace Wigs

Published: 21st May 2010
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Sealing knots is important for long term upkeep of your lace wig. The process is so simple that you can do this at home. For those of you who are not familiar with the process or just need the directions, look below.

Why should I seal my knots?
Sealing knots have a different purpose than realistic looks. By sealing the knots you are ensuring that your lace wig will have a longer shelf life. From regular brushing overtime or a possible lower quality lace wig, the knots will loosen and the hair will shed.
Even though your natural hair sheds as well through the typical hair cycle, your lace wig cannot actually grow hair to replace shed strands. You will have to pay for a specialist to repair your lace wig in a process called ventilation. This can be timely and costly. To avoid this, sealing the knots will keep hairs in your lace wig versus your brush or on the floor.

How do I bleach and seal my knots?
You should seal your knots after bleaching because hair coated in sealant will be harder to bleach. To seal, purchase a knot sealant such as TDI Lace Wig knot sealer. These products are easy to use and have a good reputation as a quality brand. You can essentially follow the directions on the product.
To seal, turn your wig inside out so the cap is visible. Spray the sealant on the cap enough to lightly saturate the cap but not soak through to the hair. Allow to dry and then repeat. After the second application, a 24 hour waiting period is best but not required.
For a quick seal in case you do not have time, you can apply an extra hold hairspray. Following the same process, apply one coat allow to dry and repeat. Instead of waiting for 24 hours, apply 3-4 layers quickly. If you remain careful as to not brush too much, this should last until you have the time to properly seal.

How often do I have to bleach and seal them?
Sealing the knots is an ongoing process that should be included in regular maintenance. Sealing should occur prior to the first application, before and after washing, and before any repairs. Since sealing the knots is a relatively easy and short process, this will not be difficult to do multiple times. Knots should be sealed for any activity where the hair will receive significant stress such as conditioning and receiving color correction.

If I want to avoid sealing the knots, what do I do?
There is no real way to avoid sealing the knots unless you do not mind paying someone else to repair your lace wig in the near future by replacing all the hair that shed. Buying high quality lace wigs with silk caps may decrease the chances of shedding as these are very well made. However, your best bet is to simply take the few minutes to seal your own knots.

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